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Xplosion Club - Cinco Results

Xplosion Club travel team had 8 teams at the Cinco De Mayo Hockey Tournament held this weekend at Skate South in Des Moines Iowa. Teams from all over the Midwest came to play including Omaha, Lincoln, Kansas City, Ames, and Des Moines. Below are how the teams finished:

10u Xplosion Red - 1-2 3rd place

10u Xplosion Black - 1-2-1 2nd place

12u Xplosion Red - 1-2 4th place

12u Xplosion Black - 1-1-1 5th place

14u Xplosion Red - 3-0 1st place

14u Xplosion Black - 2-2 2nd place

18u Xplosion Red - 2-1 2nd place

18u Xplosion Black - 3-0 1st place

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