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Confluence Adult League Rules

Game Time:

    -Games are two 18 minute stop clock periods

    -Clock will run if the score is greater than 6 

     or is a forfeit and behind schedule


    -Games will start on time.  If a team can not field 2

     skaters and a goalie (or 3 skaters), then game will be

     ruled a forfeit


   -Teams are responsible for filling their roster including

     finding subs (Gold and Silver only)

   -Goalies are the teams responsibility, league will assist 

     but is not responsible for finding goalies


    -Subs from other teams (in the same league) are not

     allowed, game will be ruled a forfeit (8-0 loss).

    -Players who are not on another teams roster may play

     for $20 (per game/player charge)

    -No subs allowed in any playoff games

    -Goalies can legally sub in all situations (no forfeit)

League Rules

Standings Points:

    Win = 2 Points

    OT Loss = 1 Point

    Loss = 0 Points

Regular Season Standings Tie Breaker:

    -Head to Head


    -Goals Against

Playoff/Tournament Standings Tie Breaker:

    -Head to Head in series only

    -Plus Minus in series only

    -3 player shootout with all teams in standings tie

League MVP




Rule Book:

    -we play by the RHA (Roller Hockey Alliance) rulebook


    -Minors  2:00

    -Double Minors  4:00

    -Major  5:00

    -Misconduct  10:00

Zero Tolerance

    -Official Abuse: Physical and Verbal not tolerated

    -Fighting:  Minimum Game Ejection possible suspension

    -Derogatory Slurs: Mandatory Major and Misconduct 


    -All players are required to wear league issued jerseys.   

     A minor penalty will be assessed to all players who do

     not follow this.

    -exceptions are if the game is ruled a forfeit or the

     specific player has paid for jerseys on order.

Hattrick Rule:

    -no rule in Gold Level

    -3 goal limit per player/game

    -does not apply in shootout


    -Regular Season:  3 man shootout

     if still tied single shootout

    -Playoffs:  5 minute sudden death overtime

     if still tied, 3 man shootout

    -Note: In a shootout, entire bench must shoot before

     anyone can shoot twice

Rule differences between ice and roller:

     -No Icing

     -No Offsides

     -No Checking

Game Rules

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