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You have probably already seen or heard of Marsblade as the revolutionary new roller blade that essentially simulates on ice skating. It is being touted by a lot of NHL players as an essential piece of their off ice training programs, being that the game is getting so much faster and skilled each year.

The key difference between Marsblade and the standard inline hockey skates is the rocker system, that allows all four wheels to stay in contact with the surface longer. This enables players to simulate tight turns, crossovers, and transitions from forwards to backwards much like they would happen on the ice.


These Marsblade skates are for roller hockey players, but they are also an off-ice skate designed to replicate the feeling of skating on the ice. This is perfect for ice hockey players that are looking to improve their training regime. Stickhandling flat footed improves your hands, but you still need to practice doing these things in motion which is where the Marsblade off-ice skate helps players a ton!


Marsblade Boot – The off ice chassis can attach to your regular skate boots, or you can get the complete off ice skate kit which has everything included. The roller hockey Marsblade skates also have an Alkali boot with the chassis included.


Marsblade Chassis – The chassis is the key piece as this is what implements the patented Flow Through technology.


Rocker Inserts – These inserts are what you will change out to get the setup you desire, as each will allow a different range of mobility for the chassis.


Contact Rob Kooker at try a pair today!!!!!

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