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Xplosion Rec League Rules

Rule Book:

    -we play by the RHA (Roller Hockey Alliance) rulebook

Penalties (reduced times):

    -Minors  1:30

    -Double Minors  3:00

    -Major  4:00

    -Misconduct  8:00


    -All players are required to wear league issued jerseys.   

     A minor penalty can be assessed to all players who do

     not follow this.

Hattrick Rule:

    -3 goal limit per player/game

    -does not apply in shootout


    -Regular Season & Playoffs:  3 man shootout

     if still tied single shootout

    -Note: In a shootout, entire bench must shoot before

     anyone can shoot twice

Rule differences between ice and roller:

     -No Icing

     -No Offsides

     -No Checking

Game Rules

Game Time:

    -Games are two 15-18 minute run clock periods

    -Clock will stop if the score is within 1 goal and less than

     1 goal left in the game


    -Games can start early.  Please be at the rink and

     dressed 15 minutes prior to game time.

League Rules

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